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4 Cost-Effective Ways To Drive More Traffic Through Facebook Ads

Every digital marketing strategy aims to drive a high volume of traffic to the website. The same goes for your social media marketing campaigns.

When you hire comprehensive SMO services in Delhi, Noida, or maybe in other places, your primary intention is to gain good traffic through your social media posts. These can be the visual elements that you share, events you run, or engaging ads that you place.

Studies have shown that millions of traffic are generated through a Facebook ad and other interesting posts. The strategies though have changed with time, the platform features have remained the same. Continue reading the article to learn how you can gain good traffic on your Facebook ad and enjoy high sales.

4 Best Facebook ads traffic-growing strategies at low cost

  1. Don’t be close-fisted while creating your content:A perfect Facebook ad is the one that brings high traffic with the lowest possible cost per click. To gain such benefits, you need to create high-quality content that builds high engagement.

When you create great ad content, you will likely experience more likes and more shares. This will automatically bring down the overall cost per landing page. So, instead of clubbing anything in your content, make sure you create the most engaging piece with proper keywords and brand-specific ad content.

While creating your content, think as a reader. This will help you in developing result-oriented content for your brand, causing high engagement and high traffic.

  1. Encourage people to share more:When you make enticing content, people automatically prefer to share the content on their social timeline. However, to ensure that your followers take the same action, you can use a specific copy.

Such copies often encourage people to share the content without even thinking about reading the content properly. You need to take such initiatives to trigger sharing possibilities.

For example, adding a captivating caption to your Facebook content. To engage people and ask them to read the content we often use captions like “you must give this a read”, “this is indeed a must-read content”. You should use such techniques to grow your traffic through multiple shares.

  1. Test with different campaign objectives:We understand that your primary objective for your Facebook ads is to gain high traffic. But what about others? Don’t you raise high brand awareness? Don’t you want to gain good conversions? High engagement and lead generation are not your business goals. Is it so?

Even if you are working on this objective, you must test your ads for other goals as well. On Facebook, you have multiple testing options to meet different objectives. These include – Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

Run your tests, check out the performance metrics, and determine whether the ads are equally helpful for other marketing goals or not.

  1. Don’t forget your lookalike audiences:Besides your new custom audiences, you should also emphasize your lookalike audiences. Instead of having large irrelevant audiences, it is good to have more new audiences who are likely to get engaged with the brand and make a purchasing decision eventually.

Targeting lookalike audiences is a great technique to meet such marketing goals. Move to the “Audience” section on Facebook, find the “Lookalike audience” from the drop-down menu.

Choose a proper source from where you want the audience to generate. The sourcecan be any fan page, mobile app, or any Facebook group where brand engagement is easier. Once you select the target source, select the country, followed by the audience size, and finally create your audience. Such audiences are enough to show a rise in advertising campaign performance results.


This is how the Facebook ads traffic work. A single mistake in the above-mentioned ways can actually bring down the traffic level, reducing the overall brand exposure. So, guys, before you run your Facebook ad, ensure that you follow the mentioned strategies. Such strategies are purely followed by the SMO experts of a digital marketing service provider. There is nothing great about missing them out.



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