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5 Proven Ways To Attract Customers From The Street

Are you wondering how to get new customers? Are you testing ads on Facebook, setting up Google Adwords campaigns, positioning your website, sending mailings, and there are still no customers? Perhaps you are ignoring their best and surest source. If you run a local business, the best place to get customers is in your neighborhood.

Outdoor Advertising Works

It’s no secret that the easiest way to succeed in local business is to get the customer from your surrounding or from areas closest to your business. Someone who is just passing by your business will look inside faster than even a very interested person who clicks on a Facebook ad but is located in a remote district of the city. There is only one condition; a random passer-by will look inside if you take care of the company’s outdoor advertising. So, considering that, I have prepared a short guide that will suggest what forms of outdoor advertising to use and how to use them.

1.      Signboard

It should be obvious. Before entering the company, there should be an advertising sign. The problem is that many entrepreneurs forget about it or completely disregard the role of the signage in acquiring new customers. In many cases, street customers can make up a large percentage of all customers. How are they supposed to find out about the company they are passing now if the sign is small, dull or not present at all? A clearly visible sign is the basis of good visibility. The signboard with the logo and the name of the company should be clearly visible, but also of good quality, matching the surroundings and at the same time distinguishing from others. It’s worth the investment.

2.      Sites

If you have large windows, it is worth using them. It’s an excellent place for advertising. In addition to the logo and graphics, it is worth placing several items with the offer and necessarily the price. Enter popular services with the exact price. An exact offer always attracts attention much better than a general definition of the scope of services. After changing the site, a particular service company showed completely new customers straight from the street from the very first day. Just on the first day after the sign change, the company got four new customers who only entered thanks to eye-catching advertising and services written on the window. Now, every day at least a few people a day go inside, thanks only to better advertising on the window site.

3.      The Border Or Outdoor Standees

An often forgotten form of advertising – outdoor stands and tripods – can be very effective despite appearances. Every day, probably a lot of potential customers pass near your business. It is enough to attract their attention with an attractive and exciting advertisement, and they will undoubtedly want to look inside.

4.      The Surroundings Of The Premises

The décor and exterior is the most neglected sphere in small service companies. I ignore the fact of neglect, dirt and damage, which is entirely unacceptable, but even with good intentions, this sphere of activity leaves a lot to be desired. A clear and consistent design of the exterior is crucial. Sometimes, however, little things are enough to attract the customer’s attention – I have already seen flower pots, colorful balloons or mini benches placed in front of the entrance several times. The original idea is to refer to the type of activity, which attracts attention and arouses interest. Depending on the possibilities of a given place, it is worth using the space in front of the entrance because such non-standard land development effectively distinguishes the company and draws the customer’s attention.

5.      Banners And Billboards

Beauty salons often use banners and billboards. In combination with the previously mentioned forms of outdoor advertising, they can be of great help in acquiring new customers, provided that you meet several conditions. First of all, the location of banners and billboards should be limited only to the immediate vicinity of the company (neighboring streets). It makes no sense to do this in remote neighborhoods. Secondly, the information on the banner should constitute a specific offer – a popular service proposal, attractive price, information about the vicinity and easy contact. Such information has a chance to interest a potential client and motivate him to visit or contact.

Proper use of these forms of outdoor advertising can significantly increase the number of customers in your company. After all, hundreds of them pass by in complete silence every day. Are you doing anything to encourage them to come in? Start with a signboard and window display, then get a leaflet maker. If possible, arrange an enjoyable environment and entrance to the company. If you have enough money, order a few banners or even a trailer with a billboard in the vicinity. You won’t wait long for the effect. On the same day, you will see new customers!

Having read this all, if you now need a team of creative people to design your signs for outdoor advertising, feel free to contact SignFreaks. SignFreaks is the best-known signage company in Chicago. They have all the expertise to realize your signage expectations in no time.



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