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Adam Matos in Florida: Ex- GF Murder Case 

A man, Adam Matos has been convicted of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend. The fun fact is, this was happening in front of his son before killing his parents and new boyfriend in 2014.

Adam Matos is 32 years old. He can face the death penalty after being convicted of the brutal Quadrangle murder on Thursday.

His ex-girlfriend Megan Brown, who is 27 Years old. She was dead on a hilltop in Pascoe County with her parents, Margaret and Greg Brown, and her new boyfriend Nicholas Leonard.

So, Hudson’s 32-year-old Adam Matos could face the death penalty after being convicted of brutal Quadrangle murder.

According to the Police News, His 27 Years Old ex-girlfriend Megan Brown was found dead on a hilltop in Pascoe County. Along with her new boyfriend in 2014. Also, Her Family member was there on the spot.

By the way, Cops says his ex and his father were shot dead in their home before Brown’s mother. And his new boyfriend kills in a hammer.

After that, Adam Matos was arrested on September 5, 2014. The Fun fact is, He is missing along with his four-year-old autistic son, Ismail Tristan Santistabon, from a hotel in the Tampa Bay area.

The suspect became emotionless in court during the sentencing on Thursday, when the victim’s family began to squirm.

“The worst is over,” Leonard’s mother, Paula Reistrom, told the Tampa Bay Times.

According to Court News, When the victim’s family became restless, Adam Matos sat sensitively in court during the verdict on Thursday.

Adam Matos Florida News; Wrapping up

Arrest People:

Adam Matos denied killing his ex and his family, as well as his new partner. By the way, He denied a police report that August 2 threatened Megan Brown with a knife, the last day anyone heard from her.

He presents his own theory of what happened, claiming that a woman was stabbing Brown and sending him threatening letters.

But the 32-year-old stunned the court with a dramatic confession from a witness position on Thursday.

He said a combination of self-defense and ‘peronia’ led him to kill the ex-family. And He left his 4-year old son, alone at the scene of the murder when he went to purchase a shovel.


Police found The body of Nicholas Leonard on a hilltop in Pasco County.

In 2014, Greg Brown and Margaret both are passed away at the hands of Matos.

He described, “The worst day of my life, a dangerous experience, that I couldn’t rise  up like that nightmare.”

Adam Matos, who was born in Philadelphia and lives in Elan Town Center, and New York City. He said that he met Brown 6 years ago but now the relationship ended 14 days before the murder.

The sentencing session begins on Monday. Then the Assistant State Attorney Chris Labruzzo said prosecutors wanted the death sentence. The jury must reach a unanimous decision to carry out the death sentence.

After the trial, Leonard’s father, Daniel Leonard, said, “Somehow his life is over,” and that’s basically what we can really say to keep him off the streets because he was probably not a very good person. “



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