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Amazing attractions to visit in Toronto

Toronto is often described as “New York City run by the Swiss,” famous for world-class theatre, shopping complexes and restaurants, clean sidewalks, and friendly people. This Canadian city is charming in every way that a visitor would love to include in his summer itinerary. With no shortage of interesting things to do, from the vibrant Entertainment District, featuring the latest musicals and fine dining, home to unique shops and restaurants, to its thrilling historic Distillery District, Toronto will never leave you dissatisfied.

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CN Tower

Climb to the highest viewing area on the CN Tower, which is from the Sky Pod at 447 meters above the city. Recommended by past visitors to include this marvel in one of the city’s must-see attractions, you will get an exciting opportunity to experience breathtaking views of downtown Toronto. So folks, why are you waiting then? Stand in the elevator and rise to the top in less than a minute. Are you ready to experience chills at its various levels: from 1,122 feet (the Glass Floor room), 1,136 feet (the LookOut Level), or higher? Yes? Then ask out your dear ones.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Situated near the base of CN tower, you will see one of the newest top attractions: Ripley’s Aquarium is ready to enthrall you with amazing marine views. Families and travel junkies put this site in their must-visit locations as it displays all kinds of marine life, from ferocious tiger sharks, slippery eels, to entrancing jellyfish and 450 other species of exotic marine life. Hey, folks!! Don’t you want to touch tanks with stingrays and small sharks? Yes? Then book Swoop Flight Tickets from its official website.

Art Gallery of Ontario

Get yourself lost in the renowned Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), which is one of the largest museums in North America. The museum has an extensive collection of almost 100,000 including works from around the world, everything from the Renaissance and Inuit items to contemporary creations, with a vast collection of works by the Group of Seven. Art enthusiasts and history buffs find this place no less than an artistic paradise.

Distillery District

Once home to the largest whiskey producer in the British Empire, Toronto’s Distillery District should be put on your priority list, folks!! Visitors can tour around this historic pedestrian-only neighborhood, which gives thrilling experiences till date. You can stroll with your loved ones in any of its traditional shops and buy souvenirs for them. The neighborhood is flooded with art galleries, performance spaces, cafes, restaurants, and a brewery. Have you asked your family members to go shopping already? Please visit Swoop Airlines Official Site and book tickets for them at affordable rates.

Toronto Zoo

With approximately 5,000 animals, Toronto Zoo is waiting for you with open arms. Visitors admire an outstanding and diverse collection of animals, which includes pygmy hippos, orangutans, lions, tigers, giraffes, penguins, and many more. Visitors love to click selfies and converse with animals, but feeding them is prohibited. Discover the largest indoor gorilla exhibit in North America, the Gorilla Rainforest, or go for the Tundra Trek, featuring polar bears; and the Great Barrier Reef, everything in a single stroll around the zoo.

Niagara Falls

Plan a day trip to that place which is most famous among outsiders. Yes, you are right… Niagara Falls, it is!! Just hire a local guide and ask about this splendid location. You will get to know what Niagara Falls is famous for. Enjoy the spectacular views of the falls, with a mix of splashing noise of the water. It just takes a 90-minute drive around Lake Ontario from Toronto to these magnificent falls. So folks, doesn’t it sound exciting? If yes, what is the wait for, then? Just pack your bags, take suggestions from your closed ones, and plan a trip to Toronto.

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