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Everything You Need to Know About Asbestos Management Plan

The Asbestos Management Plan is required to comply with the legal obligation to manage asbestos in some properties and buildings. This applies to anyone who is responsible for maintaining and repairing in buildings that may contain asbestos.

Managing asbestos is a required responsibility of the duty holders, and it is also required to have asbestos management plans showing how they plan to manage asbestos.

Which Buildings Require an Asbestos Management Plan?

Regardless of the business, all non-domestic buildings and structures must manage their asbestos risks through appropriate plans. Domestic property is usually not included; however, all common fields such as stairs, lifting shafts and roof voids must have asbestos management. In addition, if the organization under the contract is responsible for maintaining and repairing in home, then these will fall under the responsibility of managing asbestos.

Why does it require a Plan to Manage Asbestos?

Breathing in asbestos fibers can lead to many diseases associated with it. Workers in maintenance of buildings should be especially careful about asbestos. Asbestos fibers can become loose and when inhaled, it can give serious health issues. Although asbestos is illegal in construction or renovation of buildings, thousands of tons are used in history, and a large number of asbestos materials are still in buildings.

As long as the material containing asbestos maintains a good seal, the risk of asbestos can be ignored. However, if it is disturbed or damaged, especially during normal maintenance, it may become a health risk. The only way to reduce the risk of asbestos is to effectively manage asbestos in buildings.

Asbestos management requires a written plan to ensure its effectiveness. The plan is under the law requirements and is called the asbestos management plan.

Who does the Asbestos Management Plan Protect?

Asbestos Management Plan protects any people who have any work in any building built before asbestos got banned. In addition, people who occupy these buildings may also face risk of asbestos from being disturbed or damaged.

What is the Main Part of the Asbestos Management Plan?

Asbestos Management Plan is part of the legal obligation to manage asbestos. The risks are generally managed by:

  • Finding out whether there is asbestos or assess whether there is a possibility of presence of asbestos in the property.
  • Finding the locations and conditions of asbestos-containing material.
  • The Asbestos Management Plan needs to provide the location and conditions of the asbestos-containing material, so that anyone who is working there is fully aware of the presence of asbestos and know exactly where it is located in the building.

So, you see asbestos management plans include the location and the things to do to manage asbestos and protect anyone who are at the risk of coming in contact with it. Though relatively older buildings are at a higher risk of containing asbestos, but the possibility of asbestos being present even in modern buildings cannot be ruled out. An effective asbestos management plan allows whoever works in the building stay safe.



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