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BPS Denture: Biofunctional Prosthetic System Dentures

Regularly referred to as BPS denture, the BPS (Biofunctional Prosthetic System) are an arrangement of expert ability and quality items that are the norm for style, solace, fit, and capacity. Just a total arrangement of facilitated materials covering each territory from impression taking to fitting the dental replacement guarantees the ideal achievement and subsequently the fulfilment, everything being equal. BPS denture will impart certainty and give ideal capacity while eating, talking, or giggling. With complex instrumentation, all your facial data is recorded to reproduce the personality of your grin and re-establish the normal form of your lips and facial muscles.

Advantages of BPS Denture

  • Dentures made utilizing BPS (Biofunctional prosthetic framework) will consistently bite better, feel greater to wear, and will look more characteristic and more like the old teeth, before extraction, in light of the fact that ELEDENT invests substantially more energy customizing them for the diverse BPS measure we use.
  • BPS implies Bio Functional Prosthetic System which utilizes the most recent strategies for nibble enrolment and impression taking. This will dispose of more mistakes and sensitive areas in logging the nibble.
  • The utilization of facebow is the best device in building up the right situation of the upper jaw (maxilla) comparable to the lower jaw. We move the chronicle to the articulator which duplicates the jaw developments. Assisting us with precisely detecting the teeth for adjusting when biting and better capacity. This makes the dentures more predictable by killing a lot of activity.
  • At the point when one needed to attempt in of the replica dentures and are happy with the appearance, position, size, and shading and that they live up to your stylish desires, we can in any case move the teeth to look more unpredictable or revamp to go on the defensive, and so forth as they are yet made with wax at this level.

BPS Denture System

·         Molds are made utilizing plaster and stone which is an imitation of the gums. The wax imitation dental replacement is bubbled out, and an uncommon high Impact Acrylic is constrained into the molds at 6 bars consistently until the acrylic is relieved in light of the fact that the pink piece of your dental replacement is feeling the squeeze, this gives a better bond than the counterfeit teeth and on the grounds that we have a copy of your gums makes a far superior fit with improved attractions. This is the aftereffect of the cautious logical investigation at the Ivoclar production line from the previous 30 years.

·         Ivocap Injection – can make a lot denser and more grounded dental replacement as the acrylic under such a lot of pressing factor packs the atoms a lot thicker together making the acrylic a lot harder. We notice this when managing and cleaning the dentures, which makes it simpler to clean and stain undeniably less giving to adhere to the cleaning directions. We at ELEDENT anticipate that our patients should get 7 – 10 years out of their dentures prior to requiring substitution and would hold on to see our patients through our review framework following 2 – 3 years for a reline.

  • Relines are fundamental for patients specific that had ongoing extractions as the gums proceed to recuperate and shrivel after extractions. This shrinkage is frequently inconsistent making voids and pressing factor focuses underneath the fitting surface, this makes pressure in the dental replacement, and regularly the outcome can be a dental replacement break. A reline assists with supplanting the tissue that has contracted back making the dental replacement fit like more grounded and newer.

Uses of BPS Denture

  • The BPS produces a-list, tasteful dentures of remarkable quality, amazing fit, and excellent solace. To this extent, I’m mindful they’re the most predominant dentures on the lookout. We have discovered the achievement of the BPS depends intensely on the cozy connection between our dental lab and the dental specialist, permitting us to make a characteristic-looking dental replacement.
  • A complete denture was required and after much thought and conversations through different choices, it was concluded that a BPS denture would be the most appropriate because of the capacity, arrangement, and precision that could be accomplished.
  • The prevalent nature of the dentures made utilizing the BPS is exceptional to anything I’ve worked with previously and I anticipate chipping away at considerably more cases soon.


BPS denture satisfies the tasteful need of patients with its special Ivoclear teeth, which duplicate the life systems of the regular tooth. Ivoclear teeth are comprised of 3 layers of cross-connected acrylic tars that add to a daily existence like appearance and protection from wearing. BPS framework utilizes a controlled warmth/pressure polymerization technique during which time the specific measure of material streams into the flagon to make up for shrinkage, which guarantees an ideal fit. This pressing factor likewise advances the actual properties of the dental replacement. Dentcare dental lab supplies different types of high quality dentures such as hybrid denture, valplast denture, flexible denture, BPS denture etc.



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