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Challenge Coins: History, Tradition, and Future

Challenge coins have a long history in the military. Although many of us have seen challenge coins, few people have got their explanation. Challenge coins are custom coins, commemorating everything, for example in a team, entering armed forces, etc. Though these coins began to be used in the military, today they has developed into very different things. These days challenge coins are also used as a marketing tool and have become a valuable tool for various brands and companies.

If you are looking to buy military challenge coins, you can always turn to us for the best designs and deals.

What are Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are a special honor and they are often presented as unique souvenirs to deserving recipients. Traditionally, they are small, round, boasting distinctive artwork, and even including names of the recipients at times. Some coins even include functional texts such as mottos or slogans.

History of Challenge Coins

Although no one knows the exact origin of challenge coins, some people say that traditions can be traced back to ancient Rome. It said that if the Roman soldiers or units performed well in battle, they received normal days wages and a unique casting together with it. These coins even include the soldiers’ legion and the soldiers held on to them instead of spending them.

Another popular story about the origin of challenge coins is from the First World War. A rich battalion leader offered a bronze medallion to his flight squadrons. One of the pilots was shot down in Germany and was subsequently captured by German soldiers. Apart from a small bag with his medal, he was deprived of his belongings. The soldier ultimately escaped and fled to France, where he was arrested again and suspected as a spy. However, after showing his coin to the French army, they recognized the coin and the pilot was sent back to his army. From there, Challenge Coins have always been an important part of military life and have been used in various sectors as a way of glory to recognize the courage, dedication, and loyalty.

What are Challenge Coins Used for Today

These days, challenge coins in the civilized world are common, used to commemorate specific events, promotions, and other such occurrences. Challenge coins can be given to anyone to commemorate any extraordinary achievements.

Custom coins are a good gift, and you can present them to anyone as a token of appreciation of the services they do for you. You do not have to become a war hero or join the armed forces to get challenge coins.

You can design and create custom challenge coins easily. They are ideal for paying respect, but they are also suitable for birthdays, graduation or retirement, or other such ceremonies.

Designing a unique challenge coin, however, requires that you know exactly what you are doing and what you want your coin to be used for. Having said that, creating a custom challenge coin is easy and if you are looking to buy military challenge coins, you can always approach us for the best designs.



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