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Consult a Podiatrist for a Flat Foot Issue

Most of the people today could be seen suffering from foot ailments. While having a flat feet does may not sound like a big problem, but it is actually a health issue that requires treatment on time. Flat feet are actually misaligning our body and it affects our ability to walk, stand and run.

Let’s consider wheel alignment on a car. When the wheel alignment is correct, then the car runs smoothly. However, if the wheels are out of alignment, then while driving you would feel abnormal vibrations. Our body too works in a similar fashion. Therefore, if your feet are aligned correctly, then the rest of your body is too correctly aligned.

For such an issue you need to get in touch with the best podiatrist in Montreal. A podiatrist is someone who treats feet related injuries and also other health complications like diabetes.

Know more about flat feet

Also known as ‘fallen arches, flat feet mean that your feet are completely pressed against the ground. This generally develops during childhood but is not always visible as the feet tissue of the babies is soft. Flat feet slowly develop as they get older. Often, flat feet cause several problems such as pain in the ankles, feet, lower legs, hips, and knees. Overpronation causes shoes to quickly wear out which leads to injuries.

Why does a person suffer from flat feet condition?

  •  Initially, the flat feet could be the result of the partially formed feet bones inside the womb
  • Diseases like cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy, which is a condition affecting the nerves and the muscles could also be the reason behind flat feet.
  • It also happens due to the presence of loose connective tissue throughout the entire body.
  • The connective tissue present in the foot gradually stretches– possibly as a result of obesity, unsupportive footwear, increasing age, overuse, an injury, or rheumatoid arthritis which may cause flat feet.

 Flat feet condition in children

The baby’s foot is made up of soft bones or cartilages which become more strong and solid as they gro up. Flat feet are commonly seen in toddlers as they have weak foot muscles. Flat feet in your child could be checked as soon as they start walking. You can observe the feet and check out for curvature by either making them fully stand or making them sit on a chair. You don’t need to worry about if your child has flat feet because 3-13% of children have flat feet. But you must keep an eye if your child is facing any kind of discomfort in walking or running. Remember, flat feet also depend on what type of footwear you are making your child wear. Always make sure that your child wears leather shoes that are soft and adjustable.

Treatment for flat feet

Treatment of flat feet is done only when you face any problem with your feet. You must first consult a physiotherapist who might provide you with a list of exercises. Most qualified health care experts can easily diagnose flat feet just by watching the patient walk and stand, along with examining the feet. Although it is a non-surgical treatment, if the generic treatment does not work out then the physiotherapists refer the patient for a surgical treatment.

Flat feet could be treated if the person goes for an immediate checkup after experiencing discomfort and pain in the feet. However, it has been noticed that people who do not experience any kind of discomfort and pain do not consult the doctor. Well, it all depends on how easy-going you are with your feet. If you are facing similar symptoms then you must consult the best podiatrist in Montreal right away.



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