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5 Popular Diamond Shape Rings Preferred By Women in London

All engagement rings are usually adorned with a diamond stone. This diamond may be of various shapes and sizes. A few things have to be kept in mind when you are selecting the shape of the diamond for your ring. The entire look and sparkle of the diamond on your ring depend upon its shape i.e. how it is cut. Because of the magnificence and versatility of diamonds, almost all cuts look very beautiful on the ring. However, there are certain cuts of diamonds which more preferred by women than others. Listed below are the 5 most popular diamond shapes for an engagement ring.

Round engagement ring

The engagement ring featuring a round cut diamond is a classic ring that is most popular among the engagement rings London. The round cut diamonds are best known for their extra brilliance when the right amount of light falls on them. It is the perfect cut for diamond solitaire engagement rings and also looks gorgeous on multi-stone rings. Since the main advantage of the round cut diamonds is their sparkle, they tend to attract the maximum attention and therefore needn’t be paired with another stone and hence can be used on a plain metal band setting in a simple ring design.

Princess cut engagement ring

The second on our list of most popular diamond ring shapes is the princess cut diamond rings. The princess cut diamond is a square or rectangle-shaped diamond with a geometric design and clean sharp borders. The princess cut diamonds also sparkle a lot owing to their many faces which also aids in hiding a lot of imperfections. They are more affordable than round-cut diamonds and pair well with other stones. They need to be secured properly in an appropriate setting in order to avoid chipping off of the edges.

Cushion cut engagement ring

The cushion-cut diamonds were extremely popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. They have made a comeback and are being paired with modern designs for a very contemporary look. The cushion-cut diamonds are essentially square-shaped with rounded edges giving a vintage feel to the diamond ring. It doesn’t sparkle as much as the abovementioned cuts but it popular owing to its unique shape.

Marquise cut engagement ring

If you like quirky and offbeat designs when it comes to rings then the marquise cut diamond will definitely suit your style. The marquise cut is also known as a Navette cut and features a diamond that has curved sides and two pointed ends giving it an elongated look. The marquise cut diamond sparkles as brilliantly as the lab grown diamonds UK but must be secured properly to avoid chipping of the pointed edges.

Emerald cut engagement ring

The emerald cut of diamonds is inspired by the way the emerald gemstone was cut. This cut features a rectangular diamond that has multiple concentric facets of the same shape within it. This distinctive geometry makes it stand out from the rest of the cuts and makes it a popular choice for people who want to make a personalized statement along with a vintage feel. The elongated shape of the diamond also has makes the finger appear slender when placed vertically along the length.



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