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How Business Consultants Can Help Investors To Start A Business In Dubai?

Dubai is a hub for startups, small-scale businesses, and multinational companies from all over the world. The region offers countless opportunities to entrepreneurs and foreign investors. The advanced infrastructure and top-notch technological solutions give businesses the power to operate seamlessly and take their ventures to the next level. Some of the benefits include exemption from import and export duties, 100% foreign ownership, and a tax-friendly environment.

Apart from this, Dubai has an excellent logistics network and has connectivity to the entire world. Furthermore, the Emirates is home to numerous nationalities, and 80% of its population consists of immigrants who want to make most of the business opportunities in the UAE. All you need to do is partner with the local business experts, and you’re all set to start a business in Dubai.

Who are business consultants?

A business consultant is a person or a group of people who have expertise in setting up and managing a business. They are professionals who conduct thorough industry and market research, predict possible problems that the business might face in the future, and provide solutions for them. Depending on the requirements of your enterprise and the extent of services offered by the business consultant entity, they can also offer various other services required by a growing business.

Setting up a new business in Dubai could be a complicated process, and foreign investors might find the procedures a bit overwhelming in the beginning. A business consultant, being an expert at this, helps you through this process and guides you about the risks and benefits of your business. Moreover, no matter the industry or organizational structure you choose, setting up a business in the UAE requires professional expertise and support for company registration as per the established rules and regulations.

Advantages of hiring a business consultant in Dubai

Business consultants in Dubai can help you make educated decisions about the business location, structure, and provide you with the support you need for setting up your dream business in the Emirates. Listed below are some of the benefits of partnering with a business consultancy firm in Dubai:

· Obtaining a business license without any hassle

Obtaining a business license from the DED or any other authority involves a lot of documentation alongside several approvals. It includes choosing business activities, filling up various forms and applications with sensitive information about your business, and much more. A business consultant has expertise in these policies and knows what activities to choose for your business from the given list of permissible activities. Business consultants in Dubai minimize this hassle so you can focus on growth-related activities for your company.

· Acquiring visas

A company is as good as its employees, and as an investor who wants to start a business in Dubai, you would love to take care of the work visas of your employees. Furthermore, the employees who work in your company will need to acquire visas abiding by the rules and regulations of the UAE. In the absence of work visas, your company might face legal actions from the government. You’ll also need to acquire residence visas for yourself and your family members too. A business consultant is well versed with these procedures and can help you acquire and manage visas so that you don’t have to worry about facing any consequences.

· Finding the ideal office space for your business

Choosing the right workspace for your enterprise is very important as it directly impacts the growth of your business, the productivity of your employees, and several other factors. An ideal office space should have all the amenities, a good location, a friendly ambiance, etc. Business consultants are experienced in finding the most suitable office spaces according to your requirements and have an alliance with property brokers in different locations. Therefore, this allows business consultants to find you the best office space that matches your brand’s personality.

· Critical business guidance at all times

When you start a business in Dubai, it’s important to have a sufficient understanding of the surrounding market where you’re planning to operate your company. Moreover, you should also keep an eye on your business competitors, market leaders, and other such factors. It can be challenging to gather all the relevant information when you also need to take care of other business activities. However, business consultants in Dubaihave a solid perspective on this front and offer their advice on various business-related matters. Furthermore, they help you plot the perfect strategy for setting up your business in the UAE.

· Understanding the governing business laws

In the UAE, many onshore sectors consist of various free zones with their own rules and regulations. You’ll require professional advice to comply with these rules and regulations because a violation of any of the policies set by the governing bodies can lead to fines and even termination of business license in some cases. Therefore, the local legal advisors can help you select the appropriate legal structure for your venture and hence eliminate any risk associated with these violations. Furthermore, this allows you to effortlessly set up your company and maximize your profits while the business consultants do all the heavy lifting for you.

· Cost estimations and corporate budgeting

Various governing bodies in the UAE provide standard information about offers, packages, and comparative analysis, but an experienced and professional consultant provides more accurate predictions for setting up a business in Dubai. Furthermore, business consultants in Dubai also give you advice and suggest the most cost-effective approach to establish your company in the UAE. The assessment of accurate business costs helps you move forward in a more strategic and planned manner.

Why choose Shuraa Business Setup?

Shuraa Business Setup is a pioneer in setting up businesses in Dubai and all across the UAE. Our professional business consultants have helped set up over 20,000 businesses in the UAE. Shuraa has over 20 years of professional experience in conducting industry research, financial analysis for businesses from diverse industries.

The business consultants at Shuraa are trained professionals who provide critical support required to efficiently manage the various steps involved in business formation while also keeping an eye on their future business endeavors. We have put together an end-to-end business assistance model that takes care of everything involved in starting a business, in Dubai.

Get in touch with Shuraa

You don’t need to think twice before partnering with Shuraa Business Setup. Our experienced business consultants take care of documentation, banking, licensing, additional approvals, and everything else you need to establish your business in the UAE. Get in touch with us today to know more.

Click here to book a free consultation with us or call us at +971 44081900. You can also reach out to us on WhatsApp at +971 50 777 5554. For email assistance, mail your query at



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