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Remotely Listen To Pc Microphone Of Your Employees

Recently I caught one of my employees having a rubbish talk with the new female intern. For the background and record for all those who know nothing about the spy app, I use employee monitoring software at my workplace to manage the employee’s work. One of the features that have helped me a lot in my work life is the mic bug feature offered by the app. It lets me listen to target employees surrounding voices and chats.

Back to the story the target employees used foul language and tried to harass the intern and when she did not respond according to his demands he became a troubled boss. He tried to abuse his powerful position and loaded her with all kinds of work. I called him in the office and warned him about the behavior. At first, he thought that the girl complained about him and he was in complete denial that nothing like this has happened on the other hand girl is super lazy and careless about the work and does, not follow office protocols. I thought of letting him go after a lenient warning but when he straight away went to her and accused her of unprofessional attitude and warned her that he will make her life in the office a living hell that was the end. So the next day I issued an official warning letter to him and news was spread like fire in the jungle. When he found out that I have the proof recording he was all about how it is not legal and all. Well, it’s 2021 dear employees. Even if in the present year you will insist that it is illegal and unfair then it is completely your choice to play dumb and ignorant.

So here are the things that I don’t want to listen to when I tell you that I can remotely listen to  PC microphone of my employees’ official gadgets.

Isn’t It Morally Wrong?:

Please don’t try to lecture me about how morally wrong or unethical it is to spy on others. It is but not in the case scenario when the user is trying to monitor the target person through the company-owned device. It is a basic right of any organization or employers to know how the given gadgets are being used by the employees. Thus it is completely fine for employers to use windows spying app to ensure the work quality and regarding other work matters.

Have You got All the Surveillance Data Save On Your Desktop Or Cellphone?

Another misconception regarding the use of the spy app is that users need to save all the surveillance data on their devices. What devices can be cell phones or desktops? No, it is not like that. All the data is saved in the recording form on the online portal of the spy app. Users can remotely access that data at any given time.

Isn’t Employee Monitoring Spy App Cost Like A Fortune?

No OgyMogy offers an economical bundle package for the users. One can get that package that suits them best. Many other spy apps demand a fortune and do not offer a money-back guarantee as well in case of any problem. But OgyMogy not only is light on the pocket but offers a refund policy with some pre-defined rules and regulations.

Want to know about other useful features offered by the employee monitoring app. Well here is the list. You can even watch them by using the camera bug feature, can check their progress on the assigned tasks by using the live screen monitoring feature, Know about any sudden vacation plans by having access to the built on a calendar, can block diversion sites from the official gadgets so that they can solely focus on work only, can track the browsing history so on and so forth. The monitoring can be done through the official mobile, desktop, laptop, or tablet. No need to worry about the system type as OgyMogy offer Mac, windows and android version for its users.

Make the work-life stress-free and take help from technology to make the workplace toxic-free for all the employees by using the employee monitoring app.



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