Structural Survey which is also referred to as Building Survey is an extensive inspection conducted on a property to offer detailed assessment of its condition. The survey is typically performed by a group of expert Structural Engineers.

The survey comprises top to bottom inspection of the property considering every aspect of the building structure. The structural survey Birmingham and in other locations comprises assessment of the varied types of materials used for building construction, the condition of the building roof, damage to stonework or bricks, potential areas of concern, etc.

The report of the survey details potential problems and defects of the building to summarize the identified issues of the building. The report is studied and a specialist is hired to address these issues and fix them to update the condition of the building.

Why Structural Survey is important?

The concern for safety of the occupants and visitors of a building can be the primary reason why a structural survey must be performed. Since the survey helps in detecting current and potential problems of a building, you can easily avoid any hazardous situation from happening with the help of Structural Survey.

Therefore, if you wish to buy a property or occupy a certain building make sure to perform this survey to learn about its condition. This will help you make a wiser decision for purchasing a property. It will also offer you an estimate on how much work needs to be done on the building to consider it safe for living.

Structural Survey Report

Now, as mentioned earlier, a structural survey is a detailed inspection and thus it needs to be intrusive. The report consists of details from all aspects of the building in order to identify existing and potential flaws of it.

The contents of the report includes an evaluation method implemented to carry out the survey, the details of information obtained, identification of problems or potential hazards and recommendations from the experts on problems detected.

The report may not cover the details of poor condition of building foundation, soil erosion if occurred, etc. The extent of the survey report depends on the property size, value and overall condition.

Why do you need to hire professionals for Structural Repairs?

The recommendations made by experts for structural repairs can certainly improve the condition of the property or building. However, you need to make sure that the structural repairs are carried out by professionals and not an amateur.

The data provided by Structural Engineers as recommendations also includes architectural diagrams. Now, for a general builder it would be impossible to understand them let alone carry forward with the rest of repair recommendations. Only with the help from a group of professional specialists, the task of structural repairs can be accomplished.


So, what are you waiting for? If you are considering a property to buy or have already purchased one, make sure to conduct a structural survey Birmingham or in other locations to learn about the property’s condition.


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