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Top 3 reasons for businesses to begin using video marketing mailers

In today’s day and age, more and more businesses are proactively using video marketing mailers because of the many benefits that can be availed from their usage. If you happen to be a business’s but still aren’t using video marketing mailers, then you need to get familiar with them soon or you run a very high risk of being left behind your competitors. If you have been meaning to use video marketing mailers, but still haven’t been able to make up your mind, then read on further to know the key benefits and the most compelling reasons for using video marketing mailers.

  1. They make for very high impact options :- In today’s day and age of information overload, netizens have alarmingly low attention spans. The attention spans of an overwhelming majority of netizens has been compared to the attention span of a lightning bolt. That’s why it makes so much sense upon businesses in different industries to begin using video marketing mailers. The video marketing mailers can easily grab the attention of the potential clients and then retain it as well. You will surely stand out from your competition once you begin using video marketing mailers because such mailers can communicate value almost instantly. Businesses can easily draw the attention of their prospects with the help of video marketing mailers. The video marketing mailers can work wonders for all sorts of businesses, regardless of the sector that they might be active in, right from B2B sectors to B2C sectors. When you take all the different factors into consideration and look at the bigger picture then you will realize that it is an actually an absolute no brainer to begin using video marketing mailers for a very shrinking share of attention. You can engage your prospects on a much more deeper level with the help of video marketing mailers. It can be said without the slightest shred of doubt that video marketing mailers are actually a lot more likely to get noticed than standard direct mailers. The video marketing mailers are actually one of the most effective ways of communicating and since they veer away from the norm, you can expect them to capture attention at the earliest and then retain the attention till the prospect has been enticed into ordering products or paying for services.
  2. Video marketing mailers are a very valuable leave behind :- If and when you begin using video marketing mailers, you will see that it has gotten very easy for you to keep your sales representatives of the radar of your existing and potential clients. The video marketing mailers are believed to have very high intrinsic value and this means that they are very less likely to get discarded in comparison to other types of promotional materials. The people who get your video marketing mailers aren’t likely to throw it away and instead they will keep it with them which dramatically increase your chances of getting your offers considered by them. With the help of video marketing mailers, you can easily keep your product or service, at the top of the mind of your potential clients. Further it has been proven psychologically that people are likely to reciprocate when they have been given something of value and this reciprocity can actually push the potential clients closer towards a sale, which augurs very well for the business in question.
  3. Video Content reigns supreme :- It is often said that content is king and there is no reason to doubt that. What is actually true is that video content reigns supreme in comparison to all other types of content, because it has the potential to catch attention instantly and retain it till the end of the message in the video content. The popularity of video content can be gauged from the fact that YouTube has more than a billion active users in today’s day and age, and the number is expected to grow, very well into the future. People forget what they read almost instantly and they forget nearly 90% of the information that they hear within a span of 3 days. On the other hand, when sounds are paired with relevant images then it is possible for people to easily retain around 65% of the information. The information that customers get through video marketing mailers is very less likely to be forgotten by them.

The Bottom Line

In today’s day and age, video marketing mailers are being extensively used by businesses in different sectors and industries because they are considered to be one of the most innovative and engaging tools for making a solid impression of potential clients as well as existing clients. What you read might not really convince you but once you see the video marketing mailers in action, then you will be absolutely sold on the many different benefits that can be availed by using them.



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