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Trade-in spices and condiments as a profitable business in India

Almost every dish today is made with a specific set of spices and herbs that housewives purchase at the market or from a store. In this article, we’ll discuss how to start a spice and condiment store while also making a lot of money. Let’s take a look at the most important steps in starting a business and highlight a few key points.

Spice manufacturing business potential

India is considered the “Land of Spices” because it is the largest producer and exporter of spices in the world. According to government figures, India exported 5.8 million tonnes of spices in 2012-13, with chili and garlic being the most common. In terms of dollar amount, the United States of America and China were among the largest spice importers. Furthermore, the volume of exports to both countries was Rs. 2115 crore and Rs. 2019 crore, respectively, according to the report. Today’s consumer demands have enough opportunities for the spice industry.

Also, the Spices Board was established by the Indian government in 1987 to cultivate and promote Indian spices in international markets. The Spices Board is part of the Indian government’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Spice exporters who have obtained a Spice House Certificate, a Spice Board Brand Registration, or an Organic Certificate are eligible for subsidies when shipping spices abroad.

Business Features

  • Steadily growing demand– Culinary programs and the media, trips abroad and tasting local cuisine, the availability of visiting cafes and restaurants did their job: Russians began to understand spices well and buy not only salt and pepper in stores. In the kitchen, every second person has a dozen different spices to improve the taste of dishes.
  • Lack of seasonality– Well, or a slight seasonality: in the cold, it is better to buy ginger, cinnamon, cloves for making warming drinks. In general, seasonings are used all year round.
  • Lack of some spices in the store– For example, the spices of the cuisines of the peoples of the world are almost not widely available. Take, say, Georgian cuisine – to buy a real fragrant plum tkemali sauce, you need to go to the Caucasus, everything is not right in supermarkets. There are, however, markets where knowledgeable people buy spices.
  • High profitability – more than 100%, with a high markup: from 70 to 100%.
  • Small start-up capital– The spices themselves are not so expensive (unless, of course, you dare to try rare types of spices right away), they need a minimum of equipment.

Selection of premises and equipment

There is a huge variety of spices in the world: we advise you to focus on the most popular (there will always be demand) and rare ones that you cannot find in a regular store (gourmets and connoisseurs will thank you for this). The assortment is divided into the following groups:

  • spices – substances that change the taste of food, flavor enhancers (salt, sugar, vinegar, alcohol, soy sauce, and others);
  • spices are fragrant parts of plants (ginger, bay leaf, onion, garlic, nutmeg, saffron, various types of pepper, rosemary, caraway seeds, parsley, dill, and others);
  • Condiments are mixtures of herbs and spices, often used for certain dishes. For example, a mixture of peppers, curries, hops-surely, seasonings for meat, fish, kebabs, chicken, vegetable dishes, and others.

You can also include in the assortment various sauces, aromatic oils, mulled wine sets, confectionery mixes (vanillin, raisins, dry yeast, coconut, etc.), gift sets, and custom-made sets – you will make them yourself.

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The selection can be extensive; the key is to distribute it properly. Take more popular spices and fewer spices that are sold infrequently. If your salesperson can make seasoning mixes right in front of the customer, that’s a great way to provide excellent customer service. It’s very memorable and effective. A chip like this can be used as a business card.

Promotion of an online spice store

contextual advertising 

It’s simple: contact a specialist directorate, he analyzes your site, selects keywords by which he will promote the resource, and generates advertisements. When a user types a combination of words from a key, he will see this ad in the first lines of search results. You get traffic to the site and ready-made leads who are interested in purchasing a product.

Social media advertising

You are looking for culinary publics, cooking lovers’ communities and place your advertisements there. Another option is to attract bloggers (popular influencers who lead the audience and influence the minds). If this is not just an advertising link, but an interesting and useful post (recipe, video, infographics, competition, test), you will only win and interest subscribers.

Cool content

The topic of cooking is very fertile, you can enter the top of the search results on a white horse only thanks to the content. Publish interesting recipes and masterclasses on the use of spices, shoot fiery videos, make photo selections and publish it all on your blog or social networks.

Cross marketing

Collaborate with chefs, cafes and restaurants, grocery stores and host a joint event, master class, food festival. Even just exchanging links and information about each other on social networks is already a great way to attract a new audience that has not heard about you yet.Narco Test

Offline promotion

There are many ways to get people interested: hand out colorful leaflets with recipes, become a guest of a local culinary program, write an article for the specialized media, hold a children’s party with food tasting. Hand out small condiment samples to let people taste your product.

Such a fragrant spicy business can be opened in a month if you follow our instructions. Did you like the article? We are glad to try and good luck in promotion!



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