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How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen? Some Tips And Ideas

When the seasons with higher temperatures arrive, many people want to get out of the heat inside the house and enjoy their garden better. Substantially increases the barbecues and lunches of families or friends outdoors.

Since many dishes need to be prepared in the flames of the stove or in the oven, someone is always left with the arduous task of being confined in the kitchen of the house or apartment while others talk and have fun outdoors. To increase the pleasure of inviting people to these lunches without the owners of the house being confined in the kitchen, away from their guests, an outdoor kitchen can be a great addition to have in our home.

It can be on a balcony, on the deck, in the garden, or in a small backyard. Having an outdoor kitchen, no matter how small and stripped it is, is a great solution for those who like to receive friends and family.

In addition, extra and external kitchens add charm and sophistication to a home, making it even more valuable at the time of sale and greatly facilitating the work of preparing meals. Setting up an outdoor kitchen in the garden also makes the space more attractive and practical to entertain all the guests and family at the same time, as everyone wants to be together outdoors and not keep coming and going to meet people.

With that in mind, we have prepared some tips and suggestions for you to be able to set up and organize your own outdoor kitchen.

But, what does it take for an outdoor kitchen to be sufficiently functional to serve its purpose of facilitating the tasks of preparing food and drinks?

1.      Have A Necessary And Appropriate Space

The first task is to identify which location of the outdoor area is the most appropriate to install your kitchen and what space is available in that area.

It is not necessary to have a huge space for the assembly of the external kitchen, sometimes in a small space, it is possible to assemble a very practical and functional kitchen and practically independent of the main kitchen of the house.

An outdoor kitchen basically needs to have a counter, table or countertop large enough to cook and prepare food. There must also be enough space to deposit the ingredients that will be used in preparing the dishes.

2.      Have A Grill, Barbecue Or Stove

One of these three pieces of equipment is indispensable for those who want to prepare food outdoors; you will not be able to consider that you have a kitchen without counting on at least one of them.

These types of equipment can be fixedly mounted next to the counter so that you can have easy access to the food that will be used in them, or they can also be portable so that they can be placed in the space available for each use.

You do not have to spend a lot on this equipment; everything will depend on the level of professionalism you intend to give your kitchen and the financial resources you are willing to spend on the kitchen assembly.

If you have space available and like to invite friends for a pizza made in a wood oven, you can consider installing a pizza oven too.

3.      It Is Important To Have A Fridge Or A Minibar

To avoid coming and going to the house to get cold drinks and other chilled foods, you will need a cool space.

If you don’t have a lot of space for this, or don’t want to spend a lot on a refrigerator, consider placing coolers suitable for this.

4.      Have A Sink

A sink for washing hands, food, dishes, glasses and pots used in the preparation and during the meal is also extremely practical.

Having a tap nearby is also a necessity of the outdoor kitchen.

5.      Other Items And Equipment

Depending on the type of meal you usually like to prepare, it is necessary to equip the kitchen with other utensils and accessories that make your job easier.

You can have a wine cellar, glasses, cutlery, blender, mixer or other items that are always in your outdoor kitchen. This will depend on the space available and, again, how much you intend to spend on the assembly.

6.      Covers And Protections

Remember that your kitchen is in an open area and is subjected to the weather; therefore, to increase the durability of the installed equipment, it is important to have covers and other types of protections to be used when the kitchen is not in use.

Another important detail is that your kitchen can receive a roof covering or not, depending on the conditions of the place, space and your preference.

So, if your kitchen is going to be out in the open, the greater the care you will have to take with the equipment. Also, remember that if you have electrical equipment in the kitchen, they will need to be protected from rainwater that can cause a short circuit.

Key Tip

When choosing the most appropriate location, consider whether you are going to use water and electricity in your kitchen. If yes, plan accordingly so you can have easy access to water, sewage and electrical wiring. To make the job easy, take the assistance of professionals such as team Right. Done Right is a team of experienced professionals known for installing and maintaining outdoor kitchen areas in the landscape all around Florida. If you, too, need some help, contact them right away.



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