How to be Productive and Efficient in a Shared office Space Environment

Every working professional sole goal is to be productive during their working hours in a shared office space. The professionals who have charted out their career path and need to excel in their respective careers conduct themselves efficiently. Efficiency and productivity are two qualities that are commonly found in professionals working out of a shared office space environment.

Freelancers, startups, or small organizations opt for coworking space to work efficiently. The advantages shared office space provides aids them to conduct their work day seamlessly. So, how can these motivated individuals propel their productivity in the furnished office space?

Before looking for coworking space to rent, spend some time to figure out the features in the coworking space that would increase their efficiency at work. A small list of requirements would be good to start with.

Opt for ergonomic office furnishings

Working for long hours challenging yourselves can be quite taxing. Along with this, you would certainly not like to be bogged down with wrist, elbow, back and shoulder pains, right? So, do look for a coworking space offering ergonomic office furnishings. Check for the chair, tables, the flexibility of the chair to adjust, and for the correct placement of wrists and elbows. Long hours of work require a certain amount of comfort. Do check the available furnishings before making a decision.

Check for the alternatives available

Coworking space in Hyderabad have various options available. Do check out the options such as virtual offices, private cabins, and meeting rooms availability. This variety of options at coworking spaces are available for personnel on prior booking. Professionals can make use of the private cabin spaces for meeting with vendors, or clients. Professionals can use the private cabins 4 or 8 times a month based on their requirements. Startups and freelancers can opt for virtual offices and use the facilities of  coworking space. Virtual offices are the best options for startups and organizations watching their purse string. Virtual offices offer the business address for communication and flexibility to use the premises to conduct meetings with clients and teams as and when required.

Areas to Rejuvenate

It is quite challenging to work day in and day out when you are pushing your boundaries and competing with yourself. This can cause stress and it becomes necessary to counter stress at all times. A short duration spent to relax can prove to be beneficial during these stressful times. A Fitness center, yoga room, badminton court, squash room, or a café available at the coworking space can just fit the bill. Time spent in any physical activity, or mindful meditation, or a friendly chat at a café might rewind and help in bouncing back to work in no time. So, check out what exactly helps you in working productively? Is it badminton, squash, working out, or yoga? Pick a coworking space that caters to your needs. A matter of half an hour spent in the chosen sport will leave you refreshed to think of multiple possibilities available at work.

Declutter Workplace

Look for coworking spaces that are not cluttered. Keeping the area clean, airy, with sufficient light is motivating enough to start your workday. Check out if the working areas have sufficient places to arrange their books, gadgets and still be decluttered. The decluttered working space is known to keep one’s thoughts clear and completely decluttered. A clear mind is capable of thinking clearly and arriving at decisions quickly and efficiently. Apart from efficiency at work, the decluttered workplace helps in good physical and mental health.


A well-lit workspace can make a huge difference in your productivity. Natural lighting is known to energize the workplace and personnel in the area. Lighting helps to be alert, creative, and focused during work time. So, let the lighting be a criterion while looking for shared office space. Natural lighting is known to release endorphins in the human system. These hormones ensure the working day progresses smoothly, and pleasantly.  Natural lighting is known to influence

  • Quality of Sleep
  • Quality of Life
  • Activity at workplace

So, shared office space with good natural lighting increases the productivity of the individuals utilizing its benefits.

How shared office spaces at iKeva assist personnel to be productive and efficient?

iKeva has business centers in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. The pricing options are flexible and designed to suit the needs of the professionals. iKeva coworking spaces are aesthetically designed with utmost care for the professionals’ needs and comfort. Contact iKeva personnel to know more. The personnel can use the facilities in any of the offices for rent spaces available at the three metros on taking up the membership. Still wondering, call and fix a time for a site visit.


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