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Top 6 tourist attractions in Dubrovnik

Situated at the coast of the Adriatic Sea in the European continent, Dubrovnik is a city showing the shines of a rich cultural heritage and picturesque natural sites. Families and couples often cherish the beautiful destinations of Dubrovnik that escalate their adrenaline levels.

Home to Croatia’s artistic and intellectual elite, Dubrovnik offers complete tourism-friendly vibes that every visitor wishes to make their journey memorable. From artistic marvels to historic attractions, this city will take your breath away.

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Fort Lovrijenac

One of the most striking scenes from the city walls of Dubrovnik, the magnificent Lovrijenac Fort is eagerly waiting for you!! The fort is considered as one of the most important fortresses of Croatia, also known as St. Lawrence Fortress.

The fort has an impressive history that attracts tourists from all over the world. It was rebuilt after the 1667 earthquake, which is still standing 37 meters above the Adriatic Sea. Apart from a famous tourist destination, the Fort is also used as a venue for the famous Summer Festival of Dubrovnik.

So, folks!! Why are you waiting, then? Go there and explore the impressive history which is engraved on its walls. Make your plans now and book a ticket for your family members.

The Old City Walls

Are you a die-hard fan of ‘Game of Thrones?’ Yes? Then how could you drop the idea of visiting the Old Walls of the city? Yes! The site was featured in the show and everyone praised it. Its walls, as high as six meters and as thick as six meters, were used as a defense against invaders.

The Old City Walls of Dubrovnik makes a great spot for a casual stroll and offers numerous excellent views over the coasts of the Adriatic. Wanna check out another charm of this site? Then reserve your tickets via the United Airlines Reservations portal and get the best travel experiences at affordable rates.

Stradun of Dubrovnik

What about the idea of holding hands with your life partner and taking a sweet stroll along the Stradun of Dubrovnik? Doesn’t it sound amazing? Yes? Then hop on board and book tickets for your lovely partner or the entire family.

This Stradun is also known as Placa in Dubrovnik which gives spectacular shows of the city life. A popular gathering spot for visitors and locals, the Stradun boasts trendy cafes and restaurants. Visitors also get an exciting opportunity to shop around or to rest weary feet after a day touring Dubrovnik. Everything that you want is here in Dubrovnik, you just have to make up your mind to visit here.

Dubrovnik Cable Car

Explore the entire city of Dubrovnik through a cable car!! Well, visitors crave to get a ride along the slopes of Mount Srd. one among the popular destinations, the Dubrovnik cable car offers splendid views of the city. The ride is less than 10 minutes but it will be worth remembering for life.

Climbing from the top of Mount Srđ to the walls of the Old Town, the cable car makes you a free bird to see wherever your sight goes. Folks, are you ready then? Book United Airlines tickets for your family and get cheap tickets.

The Lokrum Island

Though Dubrovnik is full of marvelous forts and historic places, tourists also include Lokrum Island in their itinerary. Located just 600 meters from Dubrovnik, the island gives fascinating views of its beautiful historic locations.

Visitors can head first to admire the interesting history of Fort Royal Castle, which was constructed by Napoleon’s troops to defend the harbor city, with other attractions like a visit to a small inland salt lake known as the Dead Sea, or a delightful botanical garden which is home to some 200 or so species of plants, and many more.

The Franciscan Church and Monastery

If you are planning to visit Dubrovnik, then don’t forget to visit its one of the most popular sites, the Franciscan church, and Monastery. The monastery was constructed in the late 1600s over the site of the original monastery from the 1100s and is well preserved till now.

The site is now home to one of the most valuable libraries in Croatia. Visitors often get to explore an on-site museum containing items of historical interest and a fine art collection. Guys, Don’t wait then! Go to the United Airlines flight booking portal and reserve tickets for your family and friends.



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